Bridal Makeup 2008

This Season In Beauty: Get A Natural, Golden Glow
by Emily Goldstein
Your wedding day is your time to shine, and with the right cosmetics, your joy will translate all the more brilliantly. This season, it's all about the natural beauty of the blushing bride.

Skin is definitely in - a survey reported that 2004 brides planned on spending $179 on skin care purchases, a 38% increase from 2003. This emphasis on healthy-looking skin extends to the bride's make-up as well. Makeup expert Tony Surratt of Maybelline New York says, "The idea is to enhance your natural beauty by using sheer, ultra-lightweight products that don't hide your individual character." So, don't obsess by layering on makeup like an oil painting-after all, you're already beautiful, and have found a great guy who enthusiastically agrees! Make-up artist Timothy Alan adds, "Brides often think that they want a lot of make-up, but the truth is that they eventually realize that less is more." By using cosmetics with subtle, golden tones, you can enhance your complexion and highlight your features-while still looking fresh and natural.

Go Pro?
Most likely, you've already begun to think about the look you want to have on your special day, and exactly how you're going to get it. According to a survey of brides conducted by, approximately half of last year's brides chose to have their makeup done professionally, while half of the brides surveyed applied their own makeup or chose a friend or family member to do the job.

Natalie Fischer of Mary Kay Cosmetics recommends, "If a professional make-up artist is doing the make-up for the big day, it is essential that the bride have at least one trial run and take pictures of the look. Looking in the mirror and looking at a photograph can be quite different, and a bride should scrutinize her look from a picture prior to the big day."

If you're getting your makeup done professionally, it's also important that the person you choose is really a professional and not a faux-pro. Make-up artist Timothy Alan notes, "Any real make-up artist can offer you pictures of their previous work. If they don't have pictures, you may want to reconsider hiring that person." Do your research when hiring a professional makeup artist; talk to your family and friends, be sure to ask for pictures, and find out about his/her experience.

If you decide not to "go pro," you can still reap the benefits of professional advice and get a flawless, professional look at home. In addition to the many tips and tricks from professional makeup artists and brands included in this article, options include consulting a department store cosmetologist. The Everything Wedding Book points out, "A department store cosmetologist will gladly give you a consultation and a makeover, especially if it induces you to buy some of her products. Don't be afraid to ask questions."

All eyes will be on you, so a break from your everyday makeup routine may be just the thing you need to make you feel like a princess. According to's survey, a majority of brides are trying out new cosmetics before their wedding day, and over half of these brides are getting these beauty products at department stores and drugstores. Read on to discover the new products brides are trying, as well as the hottest tips and tricks for a flawless, natural look on the big day.

Nurturing your skin couldn't be more important to looking radiant on your wedding day. Start a skincare regimen months before the wedding in order to refine your complexion. The more smooth your skin, the more flawless your makeup application. Natalie Fischer of Mary Kay Cosmetics says, "A consistent skincare program is essential. Just as an artist needs a clean pallet to work on, so does the bride want for her face and make-up."

It is best to use a variety of products. Your skincare routine should include essentials such as a daily cleanser, an exfoliant, a moisturizer, and, if necessary, an acne cleanser to help with the occasional breakout. Fischer advises, "These products should be from one company, due to the PH balance in the chemicals."

Since, as Fischer advises, it's best to stick with one brand when it comes to skincare, you may want to take advantage of a professionally coordinated set of products. Agnes Bullock of Mary Kay Cosmetics recommends a microdermabrasion set, which combines an exfoliant and a moisturizer to revitalize your skin and improve overall tone. Bullock adds that microdermabrasion sets are especially ideal for brides with oily skin. However, since exfoliating treatments make your skin more sensitive, you'll want to wear a moisturizer with SPF 15. Alan recommends a Swiss brand called Physiodermy, which has a formula that applies like a gel and makes skin instantly softer.

Knowing your skin type (dry, oily, combination) will make it easier for you to select the right skincare products; top brands tend to cater to you through type-specific products. If your skin is typically dry, including an oil-free facial moisturizer in your everyday routine will keep your skin soft and healthy. For spa-like refreshment, you may want to try a facial mask.

If you have oily skin, you'll want to take advantage of the many new oil-controlling products that have recently hit the market. Mary Kay Beauty Blotters¨ Oil-Absorbing Tissues are a great on-the-spot way to get rid of shine. Oil absorbing sheets are ideal for a quick touch-up before walking down the aisle.

Always remember to wear sunscreen in order to protect your skin. The higher the SPF, the better. But what if you want to sport a luminous tan on the big day? If a sun-kissed look is what you desire, but you don't want to risk a sunburn, a quality sunless tanner is the best way to go. Salon Bronze is a unique product because of its airbrush applicator, which creates an even, natural-looking tan.

Fischer agrees that sunless tanners are a great option, but cautions, "Make sure they are used with a good moisturizer from the same company to avoid getting an allergic reaction." Another option for a great sunless tan is bronzing beads, which have a powder-like application and can go right over your foundation. Bullock recommends this method because it is "quick, clean, and safer than the tanning bed." However you choose, be sure to test out your sunless tanner long before the wedding in order to avoid problems like streaks on the big day.

Let your joy shine for all to see with the right face make-up. According to expert Troy Surratt of Maybelline New York, this season's trends capitalize on "gorgeous bronze tones and shimmering highlighting shades." Show off your features with a healthy, golden glow.

The first step is to apply touches of concealer, which will hide any pesky imperfections. Next, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Make-up expert Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics advises, "Flash photography emphasizes pink tones, so be sure to even out skin with a yellow-toned foundation." In order to ensure an even application, she adds, "Start around the nose and mouth where there's redness, then blend out to the rest of the face." After you have applied your foundation, be sure to set it with powder for a flawless, finished look.

Your choice of blush is essential to getting that healthy glow and highlighting your cheekbones. Using two shades of blush will add depth to your look; Brown suggests using a neutral color to start (the color your skin is when you are naturally flushed), and then applying a deeper color. The shades you choose should complement your skin tone. On its website, Mary Kay Cosmetics advises, "For a soft, natural glow, dust a light pink to the apples of cheeks if your skin is fair, and choose a rosy shade if your skin is beige to bronze." If you put on too much, don't panic-you can just dust over a small amount of powder to even it out. Always carry powder with you for quick touch-ups.

Also remember that your look may need to be more dramatic than usual in order to be camera-ready. Brown recommends that you use a little more blush than usual to avoid looking washed-out in your pictures.

The intensity of your make-up may vary depending on whether your wedding is to take place during the day or evening. Alan comments, "Lighting is everything. If your wedding is to take place outdoors, natural light magnifies the most. Use a minimal amount of makeup, and emphasize a single feature." For indoor weddings that are to take place during the day, Alan adds that makeup should still be soft, but slightly more defined. Fischer says, "Evening weddings have a more formal feel to them and also require artificial light, hence the make-up can be natural, but should be more pronounced."

Luminous and lovely, your eyes are a feature to flaunt. Before you apply your eyeshadow, be sure to maximize your eyelashes. Fischer says, "If you want to make your eyes 'pop,' luscious lashes are the secret! This can be done using two types of mascara-one that lengthens and one that plumps-and a manual eyelash curler." If mascara isn't for you, or you want to enhance the look even further, Fischer suggests, "Adding a few fake lashes is a useful trick."

A new trend is to define your eyes through smoky tones. Add a dark accent with products like Mary Kay Signature Eyeliner in Sable or Charcoal. To avoid an overly sharp contrast, it's best to smudge the eyeliner slightly and thus soften the look. Alan cautions that you shouldn't smudge make-up around the eyes to the extent that it would interfere with your natural look. Since you want your make-up to last all day, make sure that your eyeliner and mascara are waterproof.

When you choose your eyeshadow, remember that you want to accentuate, rather than overpower, your natural eye color. Commenting on the latest eyeshadow trends, Fischer says, "Eyeshadows [that brides choose] seem to be mostly in the brown family, to keep with the natural look."

Start with a neutral tone; make-up expert Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics advises that it is far better to use a neutral tone of eyeshadow as a base rather than concealer, which can cause creases in your eye makeup. After applying the neutral tone, apply a lighter, complementary color to the eyelid and a darker color at the crease. Blend these colors at the seam in order to soften the look. Thus, by combining tones that highlight and accent, you can add depth to your look.

A new trend among top makeup brands is to coordinate complementary shades that are ready-to-layer. Elizabeth Arden's Bronze Beauty Collection features a Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Quad that includes four perfectly matched, sparkling shades. Mary Kay recommends using eyeshadow that has a matte finish, since cameras tend to pick up its sparkle better. For a glamorous touch, Brown suggests, "Finish with a highlighter shade on the browbone to make eyes pop."

For your first kiss as a married woman, make your lips look full and beautiful. You'll want to start by moisturizing and softening your lips. This will make your lipstick apply more evenly and last longer. Lip-hydrating products with Vitamin E are best.

Before you apply your lipstick, start with a liner-this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and will make your lips look more defined in your pictures. For a subtle look, Alan recommends that you use a neutral liner that won't stick out against your lipstick. Bullock observes that brides typically choose to emphasize their eyes rather than their lips, and as a result, their lipstick shades tend to be more neutral as well.

Choosing your lipstick shade can be a tricky decision. You may not want to emphasize your lips, but you also don't want to appear washed-out in your photographs. Make-up expert Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics advises that you turn up the intensity just enough by "choosing a lipstick that's one to two shades brighter than what you normally wear." If a bride wants to make her lips more sultry, Fischer recommends a quick fix: "to make the lips appear more full, she can add a little concealer and foundation at the lipline and then, with a good liner, redraw a fuller lip. This is a great beauty secret."

To finish, apply a gloss like Elizabeth Arden's High Shine Lip Gloss Duo, which will give you instant shine and add fullness to your lips. Glosses can also add a hint of color to enhance your lipstick. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your look, consider adding a shimmering gloss. Also, be sure that your liner, lipstick, and lipgloss can stand the test of time and won't require too many reapplications.

Finding Your Look
Make-up can contribute to your bridal look in any way you want. Fischer expresses, "It all depends on the bride. However, she should try on several looks, just as she tries on several gowns. We forget that the bridal pictures include our faces, and we want the look to match the formality of the dress."

As you experiment with your bridal look, getting feedback from the people closest to you will help you to find the right combination of tones. Fischer observes, "Many times, what we think looks bad initially is actually very complimentary and it takes close friends and family to tell us so."

Don't be afraid to stray from your normal make-up routine-you may surprise yourself! Fischer suggests a professional make-up party as a way to test out different shades. She explains, "Make-up parties are helpful because not only do we get a chance to enjoy quality time with our fiends and family, but they will give us their brutally honest opinion of our looks. And the best part of make-up is that it washes off and you can start over!"

With so many possibilities, you can look as soft and natural or as glamorous as you want. The sooner you start experimenting, the sooner you'll find the look that complements your huge grin as you walk down the aisle.

Junko Yoshioka Collection 2008


Junko Yoshioka

Your favorite color says about your gown style PINK

If your favorite color is Pink...
You are cute, kind, and sweet. You are calm, quiet and content. You like candles and flowers and you love romance. It's a fairy tale wedding, and at it's center is a you in a ball gown looking as if you just stepped out of a golden carriage drawn by 6 white horses. You loves the fantasy of it all and are delighted to play the part of a gossamer creature who might just sprout wings at any moment. You may also choose to adopt your look from history and take the aisle in a Renaissance-or Edwardian-inspired gown.

Your gown style is Romantic

Romantic, princess-style Galit gown for Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Rosie Posies

Romantic couture designed by Valentina Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Shoes need to express you like "I Do" on "Joanna" designed by Melbo Couture

Your favorite color says about your gown style GREEN

If your favorite color is Green...
You are energetic and easygoing. You are earthly and natural and open-minded. You like change and often get tired of the same things easily. You don't need fussy details or decorative embellishments to feel like a bride. You just let your truest beauty shine through your soft, graceful gown that moves with you as you float, flirt, and dance. Comfort is an issue and you want to feel as relaxed as possible on your wedding day. And perhaps you'll accessorize your gown with a bouquet of fresh herbs.

Your gown style is Comfortably Simple

Elegantly simple gown designed by Valentina Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Strapless A-Line gown designed by Judd Waddell

Walk down the aisle comfortably in "Juliette" designed by Melbo Couture

Your favorite color says about your gown style PURPLE

If your favorite color is Purple...
You are artsy, creative, and unique. You do your own thing and don't go along with the crowd. Since purple is a mixture of red and blue, you are calm and intense at the same time. You go to extremes to make an impression. You'll borrow cultural references from all over the globe, or wear a dress with a silhouette more exciting than the Manhattan skyline, or take you vows in a gown embellished with colorful details. Fabulous hats, fascinating hairdos, surprising hues-all are irresistible to you.

Your gown style is Drama Queen

Dramatic and unique Complice gown for Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Creative couture designed by Leon & Castilla

Kick up your heels in "Anastasia Chain" designed by Melbo Couture

Your favorite color says about your gown style RED

If your favorite color is Red...
You are intense, passionate, gutsy, sultry, and bold. You are fearless, impulsive, assertive and wild. Being on the cutting edge of so many things, why shouldn't you invent your own look for the day? You are an informed risk taker who ignores traditional offerings in favor of inventive ones. Whether it's dangerously stylish or dramatically elegant, your look is nothing if not original-and likely years ahead of the runway shows.

Your gown style is Chic

Elegant and stylish Suzanne Erman gown provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique

Fashionable couture designed by Leon & Castilla

Your impulsive style loves 4 inch "Bow Heels"
designed by Melbo Couture

Your favorite color says about your gown style YELLOW

If your favorite color is Yellow...
You are mellow, happy, upbeat and friendly. You are positive and optimistic and are always finding a bright side to everything. Classic style that never goes out of fashion is what suits your look. By avoiding trends, you instead take the aisle in a gown that might someday be worn by your own daughter. You will most definitely include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue in your ensemble. In fact, you are most happy when wearing something that belonged to your ancestors, such as your mother's pearls or grandmother's gloves.

Your gown style is Traditional

Traditional yet modern Edgardo Bonilla gown provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Staples gown with flair-silhouette
designed by Judd Waddell

A traditional shoe with a bright rhinestone buckle
designed by Melbo Couture

Your favorite color says about your gown style BLUE

If your favorite color is Blue...
You are dependable and organized, and also slightly vain or conceited. You don't get stressed out easily and you set goals and are not satisfied until you acheive them. Anything but girlish and giddy, you make your entrance in an outfit that looks more like an elegant ensemble than a wedding gown. You'll don on a smart suit, a brilliantly cut dress, or a minimalist sheath in any length you choose and make a statement that might resonate from here to Paris and back.

Your gown style is Sophisticated

Sexy and sophisticated Domo Adami gown provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Unique couture designed by Leon & Castilla

You need dependable shoes and found them with "Novella"
by Melbo Shoe Couture

Bridesmaid Speech and Poem

Although tradition dictates that the best man toasts the bride and groom at the reception, today's weddings often feature both the best man and the maid of honor or bridesmaid giving speeches during the festivities.

A bridesmaid speech can range from a short recitation of a favorite poem that symbolizes the love between the couple to a longer speech of primarily centered on memories and special moments the bride and bridesmaid have shared, with good wishes for the happy couple.

Whether it is a bridesmaid poem or a bridesmaid speech, the key to success is preparation beforehand. If you are unused to making speeches, take cue cards with you if necessary, but try to avoid reading the entire speech from paper. It is far better to keep your comments short or to read a poem than to fumble to try to remember what you wanted to say in the nervousness of the moment.

In the case of a bridesmaid poem or speech, this is one case where the bride should step aside and let her bridesmaid choose what she wishes to say, just as the groom lets the best man sculpt his speech without interference. The best speeches come from the heart, and if the bride has chosen you to give a speech (or if you decide to recite a poem instead), as a good friend, she should give you the freedom to say what you wish.

So, what are the elements of a good bridesmaid speech?

Generally speaking, wedding-day speeches are kept to less than five minutes in length and focus on wishing the newly married couple happiness and good fortune. Although the rehearsal dinner may have been a more relaxed affair, with a lot of joking in speeches made, the wedding day toast that a bridesmaid makes should be focused more on memories she has shared with the bride and good-natured comments on the groom.

Although a laugh or two is never out of place, the object of the joke should only be the happy couple if the ending of the tale is romantic and prophetic of the happiness to come for them.

First, you must choose between making a bridesmaid speech or a bridesmaid poem. If you are nervous about speaking in front of a group of people or if you are unfamiliar with many guests, a short introduction followed by the reading of a poem may be the best solution. Thus, you will not have to remember too much of what to say, and no one will fault you for reading a poem from paper. As a special touch, have the poem written on parchment or other special paper in calligraphy and tastefully framed to present to the couple after your speech.

If you choose a bridesmaid poem, you need only introduce yourself, say a few words about your relationship to the bride, read your poem from the paper if necessary, and then close with a few remarks about how you wish the happy couple all the best and ask the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to them. Don't be afraid to start your speech with an admission of how nervous you are – most people will recall their own feelings at such a time and forgive, with kind smiles, any mistakes you may make.

If you are more comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people, there are many different options you can incorporate into your bridesmaid speech. The first element to include after introducing yourself and explaining how you are related to the bride (her sister, a friend since high school, etc.) normally are “thank yous”. Begin by thanking the bride and groom for asking you to give this special speech and then move on to people who played key roles in making the event a success, asking them to stand to be acknowledged by all.

Then move on to your relationship with the bride. Some ideas of topics include how you first met, or if she is a close relative, a childhood story you recall involving both of you. Although you should mention a couple of your most memorable exploits (usually chosen because they are either funny and/or sentimental), be sure not to forget to tell everyone how you first heard about or met the groom.

It is not out of order to include an embarrassing time you and the bride had, but be certain to keep it confined to a tasteful event, or do not include one. Say something touching about the couple's relationship that you have witnessed during the time they have been together or reveal something complimentary about the groom that the bride confided to you during their courtship.

The ending of your speech as a bridesmaid should be emotional, but heart-felt, summing up how much joy your relationship with the bride has brought to your life. If you are related, don't forget to include a thank you to your mother, father, aunt or whomever for being there for both of you as you grew up towards this momentous day. End with a request for everyone to rise to toast the bride and groom.

Other tips for bridesmaid speeches are fairly standard for any public speaking you may do. Look directly at the people you are addressing and make eye contact with any specific individuals you mention by name. Speak loudly enough that all can hear you and stand straight and tall. Don't forget to breathe, pause before you begin your speech until all the chatter has died down, and don't forget that everyone in the room wants you to succeed.

If you discover you just cannot come up with an appropriate speech, there are online websites that will craft a wedding toast just for you and integrate the names and situations into a beautifully written speech. Check online for options or ask the wedding planner for help well in advance of the big day.

Other options for bridesmaid speeches could include reading the horoscope for the bride and groom on either the day they got engaged or the wedding day, if the content provides amusing material.

Along the same vein, if a significant historical event happened on the day either was born or the day they met, became engaged, or some other important moment in their relationship, include it in your speech - if possible in an amusing way (along the lines of “an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit a remote region in the Nevada desert on the day the bride and groom first met – coincidence or not?”).

If you can contact a fairly large number of the bride's family and friends, another idea is to ask them for their input on how they would describe the bride and put all of these wonderful compliments and stories together into a lovely memorial to the bride and what a lucky man the groom is.

Whatever your final choice is for the bridesmaid speech or bridesmaid poem, be certain that it contains your sincere and deep feelings of love and friendship towards the bride and wishes for the happiest of futures with her new husband.

As long as that is the message that comes through in the end, whatever you say in your actual speech will not matter. The guests and the bride and groom will always remember with fondness and love the effort you put into making up your speech, as well as your courage in standing before a group of people you may not know at all to reveal your memories and emotions concerning the bride and groom's future happiness.

What's the best gown Style For Your Body Type?

PETITE / SHORT: Sheath, A-line, or Mermaid are all flattering styles on a petite figure. To add height, combine a short sleeve or sleeveless dress with long gloves. Also consider a dress with a high neckline and empire waist to elongate your figure. Big ball gowns and veils that are longer than the floor can overwhelm a petite frame. Pouf veils and up-do’s will add to your overall height.

FULL FIGURED: Ball gown or A-line styles are especially flattering on fuller figures. The fitted waist and full skirt of a ball gown emphasizes your beautiful curves, and hides any figure “issues” below the waist. An A-Line silhouette will flatter practically any figure. Consider a neckline with beading and other details to help draw the eye upward, and balance your silhouette.

LARGE BUST: The following necklines work well with a large bust: keyhole, high, v-neck or illusion yoke. You may also want to consider finding a gown style that allows you to wear a bra with straps, for the best support. It’s all about proportion and balance, so consider a dress with beading, lace and other details around the hemline and the bottom half of the dress, versus the bodice.

FULL HIPS: A-line, ball gown, flared skirt, or cinched waist styles are all very flattering to this body type. A broader neckline such as off-the-shoulder, Portrait, Bateau or Sabrina can help balance your overall silhouette nicely.

SMALL BUST: While many styles can be flattering, consider styles that include extra details – layering, beadwork, ruching, lacework, etc – around the bust line for fullness and balance. Have cups sewn into your gown’s bodice so you can eliminate the need for a bra – one less thing to worry about!

HOURGLASS: This “curves-in-all-the-right-places” body looks great in simple, classic styles such as sheaths, mermaid, or a fitted princess gown. Consider a v-neck, off-the-shoulder or scoop neck – these necklines provide nice balance and proportion to an hourglass shape.

INVERTED TRIANGLE: Full skirts or full trains are a great way to balance out your overall silhouette, when you’re fuller on top and through the shoulders. Also consider dresses with bustles, bows, and other adornments on the bottom half of the gown.

TRIANGLE/PEAR SHAPED: Consider full sleeve treatments, padded or pouf sleeve to balance out your fuller bottom half. Also consider a textured bodice with heavy beading, and flattering neckline that will draw focus upward.

TALL: A drop-waisted dress with a lower neckline or any off-the-shoulder style looks great on taller figures. If you’re also slender, a sheath or mermaid style will really show off your slim frame. Sometimes when you’re thin, your shoulders and collar bone can look “bony” – and if so, you may want a dress style that covers those areas more. Something else to consider: pouf veils and up-do’s will add to your overall height.

THICK WAIST OR RECTANGLE-SHAPED: An Empire silhouette looks especially flattering on those body types that are fuller through the waist. Consider using strong detail on the upper or lower body, but not both, to give the illusion of curves.

Top Wedding Dress Winter 2008

Lela Rose

Alvina Valenta



Priscilla of Boston

Monique Lhuillier

Romona Keveza

Vera Wang

J. Crew

Carolina Herrera

Reem Acra

Jim Hjelm Bridal

Oscar de la Renta

Melissa Sweet

Vineyard Collection

Vera Wang

Angel Sanchez

Monique Lhuillier

Priscilla of Boston

Reem Acra

Carolina Herrera

Oscar de la Renta


See Caroline Castigliano's latest dress collection

If you're searching for an exquisite dress for your wedding day, don't miss this special event: designer Caroline Castigliano is launching her new bridal and eveningwear collections at the Castigliano International Room in London, and you could be among the first brides-to-be to see them!

The party, to be held on Monday 19 November, will showcase the new collections with inspiring catwalk shows throughout the evening. Brides and readers will be treated to a Champagne reception with canapés created by A-list wedding planners The Admirable Crichton, while Michael Dickinson's gorgeous floral designs will be on display. Guests will also receive a fabulous goodie bag packed with exclusive gifts.

Caroline's signature silhouette is feminine and effortlessly elegant, allowing brides to exude confidence and a deep sense of style. Her bespoke collections are handcrafted in the UK and offered in the most luxurious fabrics for maximum glamour.

"The purchase of a wedding gown is one of the most important and emotional in a bride's life," says Caroline. "With this in mind, I have created a collection that will fulfil your dreams and become a beautiful part of your lasting memories. My new eveningwear collection is designed to create impact from the moment you walk into a room."

Other top-name designers available at the Knightsbridge store include Amy Michelson, Toi Couture, Atelier Aimée, Galit Levi, Oleg Cassini, Kenneth Pool and Mariage.

Tickets to the event cost just £10 per person – these are exclusive to our readers and strictly limited. Visit for more information.

We find four designer dresses that could be perfect for you.

After having seen Sarah Jessica Parker wear a stunning white dress from Vivienne Westwood during the filming of Sex In The City in New York last week, we decided to take a closer look at what the autumn/winter ready-to-wear collections have to offer to fashion-conscious brides.

First up is Lela Rose, the American designer who showed her collection in New York earlier this year. Lela also designs a beautiful wedding collection, stocked at Browns Bride, so we were less than surprised when the exquisitely embroidered dress, pictured far left, appeared on the catwalk. If you like romantic cuts, flattering appliqué flowers and delicate shoulder straps, this could very well be the dress for you.

Also in New York, Alice Temperley showed a Ballet Russes-inspired collection that featured the fantastic white suit, pictured top left. The high-waisted trousers, the cropped jacket and the slightly Victorian shoulders all make this suit perfect for super-stylish brides who are getting married in a registry office or at an embassy abroad. The headpiece is for the brave only…

Over in London, Vivienne Westwood, the queen of punk and avant-garde glamour, showed her usual eclectic mix of colours and cuts, including the elegant dress we've now seen Carrie Bradshaw wear. Her show also featured this slightly less extravagant but equally as stunning little gold dress, pictured far left. The dress would be perfect for a registry office ceremony, too – or for the reception if you'd like to change into something a little bit more comfortable.

Finally, Alberta Ferretti created ice queen drama in Milan with the elegant floor-length silver gown, pictured above right, which looks like it's been stolen from a F. Scott Fitzgerald character's wardrobe. While silver might not be the colour of choice for many brides, it remains a great option for, in particular, winter weddings as it allows you to glisten and glow discreetly.