Your favorite color says about your gown style BLUE

If your favorite color is Blue...
You are dependable and organized, and also slightly vain or conceited. You don't get stressed out easily and you set goals and are not satisfied until you acheive them. Anything but girlish and giddy, you make your entrance in an outfit that looks more like an elegant ensemble than a wedding gown. You'll don on a smart suit, a brilliantly cut dress, or a minimalist sheath in any length you choose and make a statement that might resonate from here to Paris and back.

Your gown style is Sophisticated

Sexy and sophisticated Domo Adami gown provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Unique couture designed by Leon & Castilla

You need dependable shoes and found them with "Novella"
by Melbo Shoe Couture