Your favorite color says about your gown style YELLOW

If your favorite color is Yellow...
You are mellow, happy, upbeat and friendly. You are positive and optimistic and are always finding a bright side to everything. Classic style that never goes out of fashion is what suits your look. By avoiding trends, you instead take the aisle in a gown that might someday be worn by your own daughter. You will most definitely include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue in your ensemble. In fact, you are most happy when wearing something that belonged to your ancestors, such as your mother's pearls or grandmother's gloves.

Your gown style is Traditional

Traditional yet modern Edgardo Bonilla gown provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Staples gown with flair-silhouette
designed by Judd Waddell

A traditional shoe with a bright rhinestone buckle
designed by Melbo Couture