Tea Length Wedding Dress

Choose a Tea Length Wedding Dress that captures the informal elegance of your wedding If you're planning your wedding and searching for the perfect dress, consider a tea length wedding dress. While this may not be the traditional silhouette, more and more brides are choosing to wear whatever strikes their fancy. This less formal dress may be just what you have been looking for.

What is a tea length wedding dress? Tea length dresses fall between the knee and ankle, usually about mid-calf. The dress often has a full skirt, which can be made even fuller by wearing a slip and a fitted bodice. For a modern take on the tea length dress, consider a stunning yet simple strapless dress in silk or satin. You can also look for the more traditional cap or three-quarter length sleeves.
A tea length wedding dress is a wonderful choice for a less formal wedding. While a formal evening ceremony and reception would warrant a floor-length gown complete with flowing train, you might desire a wedding that is a little more unique or out-of-the-ordinary. If you are planning to have a garden wedding, or a mid-morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception, a tea length wedding dress would be perfect.

While any bride who loves the look of tea length dresses should feel free to wear one on her special day, brides who are blessed with a tall stature look especially stunning in this length. The nipped in waist of a tea length gown also accentuates a tiny waist, so if you have an hour glass figure a tea length wedding dress will be quite flattering.
The tea length wedding dress is a throwback to the 1950s and early 1960s, when this length was very popular. Choosing a dress in white taffeta including a full, tulle slip that peaks out the bottom makes the dress look even more vintage. An elegant strand of pearls, a sleek pillbox hat with an attached veil, and a small white nosegay bouquet completes the look quite nicely.

When shopping for a wedding dress, you can look in bridal salons, catalogs, vintage shops, or search the Internet for new or previously worn dresses. Consider purchasing a tea length bridesmaid's dress to wear as your wedding gown. Because tea length is a very popular length for bridal attendants, you will probably have a large selection from which to choose. Many of the dresses can be purchased in white, but you can also choose another color. Buying a bridesmaid's dress will most likely be less expensive than buying a traditional wedding gown.
A tea length wedding dress may be the perfect dress to transform you into a blushing and beautiful bride. Whether your look is vintage or modern, your gown can be preserved and passed on for another generation to enjoy.

New Trends for Destination Brides – Tea Length Wedding Dresses

New wedding gowns for destination brides are coming up “short” compared to last season's long and luscious looks; they are Tea-Length! Yes, those sultry, tea-length styles have made their way into the wedding gown scene, and they are hot. Everything from ballerina inspired tulle to sassy and flirty silk organza pleated skirts. Whether you are getting married on a beach in flip flops or in a cathedral in Italy the new wedding dresses this season are sexy and varied enough to suit your unique personal style and taste.
This new tea-length style also paves the way for the eyes to glide down to the feet to show off your perfect pedicure in strappy heels or elegant d’orsay pumps. Shoes are sexy this season, and it is a sure fire way to catch the eye of your guests and husband to be all the way up to the alter. Show off those gorgeous calves; hop into a new style tea-length dress from Watters Brides or Eden Bridals Informal Collection.

Experts predict wedding trends for 2008

A lot of excitement is generated around planning a wedding, especially when it comes to the bride's gown, the bridesmaids' dresses and don't forget the adorable flower girls.

From asymmetrical to A-Line, you want to create a new look that is uniquely yours. To help you in your choices, we have invited three experts to give us their opinions: Melody Smith, National Sales Manager and Design Team Member with Essense of Australia, Jennifer Kncolowski, Marketing Representative of Jasmine Bridal and Lynn Rohrman, Head of Design for Emerald Bridal.

Bridal Dress Q: What do you see changing with the bride's dress for late spring into fall and the holidays?

Essense Of Australia D714

A:I think that strapless will still be the main selling feature for bridal gowns, but I believe we will see more of an introduction of sleeves into wedding gowns and smaller A-Line styles. Brides want the option of button in sleeves and removable jackets to create two versatile looks for the wedding and reception at a most cost-effective price than buying two gowns.~MS

Q:Do you see any style changes?
A:At Essense we have introduced more sheer illusion necklines (see styles D712 and D694). Both still give the illusion of skin showing but are extremely romantic using the illusion fabric and embroidering it with lace. We definitely have added more addition of pleating into gowns (see style D683) to add a modern touch to an otherwise traditional gown. Brides still love lace, but used in new and innovative ways. Our style D714 shows the lace being used in a scalloping effect in the front to created an apron skirt look. This style also looks great with a fun sash added to the waist.~MS

Essense Of Australia D694

A:Fortunately for today's brides, there is more variety in styles now than at any other time. From elegant ball gowns to hourglass silhouettes, from heavily beaded traditional dresses to flowing organza's, there is a style for every personality and body type. I believe that a bride-to-be should go with her heart when choosing her wedding gown! While every young woman wants to look her very best, it is more important that she feels the way she has always dreamed of, whether that is elegant, sexy or like a princess. This is why I encourage future brides to try on different styles of dresses. Then, when she puts on that one special dress that makes her eyes light up, that's the one - the magical, wondrous gown of her dreams. And it doesn't matter if it is what she thought she would wear, or even if it is what her best friend or mother thinks she should wear. The gown that makes her happy is the most important part of her wedding day other than marrying the man of her dreams. ~LR

Q: Is there anything unusual on the horizon?
A: I've seen some hi-low looks introduced that have a real 80s feel to them. I'm not sure that is for everyone though! I think we will really be taking a step back to a more romantic look in bridal. The introduction of the Souffle or pick-up skirts a few years ago really started preparing us for that look. ~MS

Essense Of Australia D712

Q: Want to make any predictions for 2008?
A: When I am at trunk shows, brides seem to be all about making a look unique and their own. Whether that's introducing color into the gowns or adding custom sashes to a gown, I really think brides want a personalized look. I think brides are making more of the wedding itself personal, with monogrammed items and showing the bride and groom's personalities by choosing favorite foods or accents for their wedding. I've even seen brides dying the crinoline/petticoat under their dress their favorite color.~ MS

Q: What colors seem to be the most popular?
A: Currently, the trend is for vivid citrus colors, showing in solid or two tones, such as bright greens, pale yellows, and dazzling pinks, as well as dramatic oceanic hues like azure or vibrant turquoise.~JK

A: Chocolate colored accents seem to be the color that I hear about most often, but I believe we will see more of the jewel tones in bridesmaids like aubergines, dark teals and royal blues-think peacock feathers. Black is always a safe bet with bridesmaids--that gives an elegant touch to any wedding.~MS

Q: Do you see any style changes?
A: Bridesmaid gowns no longer need to look like the characteristic styles that you've seen in the past. Fashion is moving forward by creating fresh looks based on the old Hollywood sparkle of yesteryear. Gowns that could walk the red carpet are all the rage, whether it's an alluring full length gown or a sophisticated T-length, glamour has made a huge comeback.~ JK

Essense Of Australia D684

Q: Is there anything unusual or surprising on the horizon?
A: Taffeta and lace along with illusion necklines and delicate shirred sleeves are coming back big for this season. Also, we no longer see Brides insisting their party wear the same gown, but instead letting them choose the look that best suits their own personal style and body type, all in the same colors or hues.~JK

The Hottest Bridal Trends of the Season

Elegant beading adds the perfect touch of glamour to this classically romantic fabric.

Expand your bridalgown horizonswith a splash ofcolor on your gownand accessories.

Flaunt your curvesand evoke a dramatic silhouette with a graceful trumpet skirt.

These fabulous styles are glamorous and chic, but never too far from tradition.

Create a bright mood with elegant styles perfect for wherever your wedding may take you.

Create a wedding day look all your own with a winning ensemble of accessories.