Advice From Pronovias For Your Wedding Day

We recommend that you remove the gown from the bag and that you hang it in a high place so that it hangs straight down. Extend the train. It is not necessary to iron it; the wrinkles usually come out once it is hung up. When getting dressed, put the gown on from bottom to top so that you don't ruin the dress or your makeup. Then put your petticoat on under the gown.

We recommend that you take the veil out of the bag and that you hang it on its hanger in a high place so that it doesn't get wrinkled. Try your bridal shoes on a few days before the ceremony to break them in. It is also advisable to have a spare pair of stockings for the wedding day.

Back yourself into the car and sit on the side where you'll be getting out. Spread the train out on the other side, so that when you get out it will be you first and then the train. Have someone help you lift the train.

You need someone to help you lift and spread the train out when you sit down. If the bench has a back, the train should be spread out to the side opposite the groom.

Pronovias 2008 Fashion Show -Video

For PRONOVIAS, every bride is unique and every wedding is a challenge. PRONOVIAS shares your excitement from the time you first walk into our shop until your wedding day. In the process we establish a professional relationship, but most of all one that is enjoyable because the most important thing to us is you and your wedding! That's the PRONOVIAS spirit.

Manuel Mota, designer and director of Collections at PRONOVIAS, along with a staff of more than 70 people, researches, designs and creates hundreds of new models each year in our design centre in different styles with infinite variations and combinations.
In addition to this, year after year PRONOVIAS enriches its collections by incorporating the Exclusive Collections of International brands and prestigious Spanish designers. As this elegance is due to attention to detail, PRONOVIAS has a fabulous collection of accessories (headdresses, gloves, shoes, jewellery, petticoats, lingerie, coins, veils and other accessories) and a party dress collection with gowns for the matron of honour and bridal attendants.