Your favorite color says about your gown style PURPLE

If your favorite color is Purple...
You are artsy, creative, and unique. You do your own thing and don't go along with the crowd. Since purple is a mixture of red and blue, you are calm and intense at the same time. You go to extremes to make an impression. You'll borrow cultural references from all over the globe, or wear a dress with a silhouette more exciting than the Manhattan skyline, or take you vows in a gown embellished with colorful details. Fabulous hats, fascinating hairdos, surprising hues-all are irresistible to you.

Your gown style is Drama Queen

Dramatic and unique Complice gown for Kleinfeld Bridal
Headpiece & Accessories provided by Bridal Styles Boutique
Flowers provided by Ariston Florist

Creative couture designed by Leon & Castilla

Kick up your heels in "Anastasia Chain" designed by Melbo Couture