Makeup Tips

Here are some tips that will ensure you look picture perfect when you say "I do". When choosing your look, consider the time of day and the time of year. You need to consider your skin tones and hair colour. Remember as most of you are wearing white or ivory, your makeup need to be a little more dramatic so you do look washed out.
Your Face
Wear a tinted moisturizer if you are not used to wearing foundation. Layer translucent powder over your foundation for a long lasting effect and to help prevent shine. For a healthy glow, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, then lightly sweep your forehead, nose and chin. Don't use a shimmer highlighter as your pictures will get a reflective shine.

Your Eyes
Lash out use fake eyelashes for eyes that really stand out. Mac makes a half set that accents your eyes but doesn't overdo it. Use soft, neutral tones for your eyes, with no heavy, dark liner but won't be out of date later. Never skip mascara. A couple of coats of mascara define your eyes, making those photo opportunities perfect.

Your Lips
Use soft, neutral tones for your lips. Use a lip liner then same colour as your lipstick. The colour of your lips (warm or cool) depends on the colour palette you choose. If you want the focus to be on your eyes, use a lighter lip colour. Dot a bit of gold eye shadow in the center of your lips and cover with gloss for a golden look.
All day long, making your fragrance last: Apply to several of your body's 16 pulse points. Layer it with body lotion and/or perfumed soap to make it last longer. fragrance rises so dab some behind your knees too. Apply fragrance only once.